Hiring a Motivational Speaker

motivational speaker on stage
One of the key elements of everyday life is motivation. This holds true in our personal lives and in our professional lives as well. If we did not have motivation, we would not be able to accomplish the things we do each day if we did not have motivation.


Hiring a motivational speaker for your organization can breathe fresh life into your employees and give them the freshness that they need to keep moving forward and being of benefit to your company. When the overall morale of your employees is boosted, then you will see an increase in the performance of your employees. Motivational speakers can also provide stories about their own experiences and how to help strive to reach the company’s goals.

Knowledge and Skills

Motivational speakers can provide knowledge and insight to your employees offering a fresh perspective. When it comes to speakers, there are may different types available. It is important to find one that will tailor to the specific needs of your business so that you are able to get the most benefit from having them speak. If you find an experienced speaker, they will be able to offer years of experience, perspectives and education.

New Perspectives

The world of business is constantly changing. It is important that you cater to those changes in your business as well in order to be successful. Sometimes change can be hard but it is important in the overall success of your organization. A motivational speaker can provide fresh insight and new perspectives to your employees. Having a fresh voice may encourage them to listen to new changes rather than coming from an old perspective.

Your employees are key in the success or failure of your business. If their morale and overall attitudes stoop, you will notice that it impacts many areas of your company. They are key to you being able to expand and succeed.

When your employees gain confidence, that will show in their work ethic and their interaction with customers. Motivational speakers also encourage teamwork among your employees. As you well know, teamwork is very important within your company.

In the same way that a positive outlook from employees can help your business, a negative attitude from employees can undermine your business and hinder its success. A motivational speaker will talk about attitudes with your employees and the impact they have on your business.

You will be amazed at the difference you will see in attitudes and overall morale and motivation. It is easy to get in a rut with everyday work life. Sometimes the boost that we all need to break out of that rut has to come from an outside source, a breath of fresh air if you will. If your motivational speaker is successful, that morale will stay boosted for a while. Of course it will take some implementation of actions on your part as well. You employees want to know that their efforts are appreciated and their work ethic will reflect that.

For pastors and church leaders, the topic of growth and advancement is one often visited within their church. They are always looking for new ways to reach not only their current congregation but ways to reach potential members as well. Society has become entirely dependent on technology and its ever-changing advances.

There are some key ways that you can use technology within your church to reach people in various ways.



You can use social media and websites to introduce your church to the community. Society relies heavily on the use of social media to keep them informed of events, news and the overall local area. Making good use of this avenue can undoubtedly draw visitors to your church.


The Overall Guest Experience

Studies have shown that it takes a total of  7 minutes for guests to form an opinion about your church after they enter the campus. You can place your website, social media pages, email and other points of contact all around your church. This will open the door for people to know of ways to contact your facility.  One church embracing new audio-visual tech in a big way is Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, utilizing large-screen presentations and interactive media in their services, coupled with a strong social presence.


Volunteer Sign Up

Technology can be a great resource when it comes to coordinating your volunteers. It will be a much easier way to reach people and coordinate volunteer signs ups. You can also use it as a way to reach out to people that might potentially be interested in signing up to be a volunteer.



Technology can be an excellent way to track attendance of your regular members and visitors as well. You can use a database to store information about first-time visitors so that you can contact them about coming back again.


Enhance Your Service

You can use advanced technology as an integral part of your service. This can include music worship as well as your sermon. It will enhance the overall worship experience for members and guests alike. Technology can also be beneficial when it comes to working with youth members. It is sure to grab their interest and draw them in. You will find that technology will enhance your service when it comes to helping people retain your message as well.


While technological advancements are fantastic and can be of an added benefit to your church, it is essential that you do not let them take the place of good old fashioned conversation. You will find that the older generation is not exactly keen on keeping up with the newest trends in technology and would prefer the old way they are used to. You have to find the happy medium and what works best for your congregation. In any situation, what works best for some may in fact not work at all for others. Take your time in introducing new things to your members and give them time to adjust to it. Before you know it, your church will be growing by leaps and bounds and your building will be full. Whichever avenue you choose to take, the potential to thrive is undoubtedly there.

wireless keyboard

If you’ve been wondering if your old hardwired keyboard is still as great as you remember, let me break the news to you: it’s time to dump that old dog and upgrade! Yeah, yeah you feel that your gaming skills might suffer if you switch rigs, or maybe you’re concerned about making millions of typos on an new unfamiliar key face. Fret not.  Wireless is where it’s at, and the new keyboards out now are much better than those of just a couple of years ago, so if you haven’t tried one in a while, get yourself out to a showroom and do some clicking to find the right one for you.

In the meantime we’re going to help save you some time by reviewing several new wireless keyboard models below.


There are a couple of basics you want to look for in the top wireless keyboards, of course, and below we highlight some of the features you want to make sure your new keyboard has before we get into the specific models themselves.




You now have plenty of options when it comes to connecting your new wireless keyboard to your computer or your device.

Standard plugin/USB connections and dongle options are still quite popular, but more and more wireless keyboards take advantage of the latest Bluetooth technology for lightning quick, stable and secure connections.


Layout and ergonomics


Obviously, the QWERTY keyboard remains the most popular option for those looking for a new wireless keyboard, but there are other variations available as well that you might want to look into – particularly if you need to optimize your typing or speed up your words-per-minute count, for example.


You also need to decide whether or not you want a full-sized keyboard with the 10 key numeric pad, a miniaturized keyboard that omits this pad, or a super compact keyboard that crams all of the keys together – and keeps the travel as close to the surface of the keyboard as possible – for on-the-go capabilities.


Thinking about a mechanical keyboard option?


Mechanical keyboards are game changing solutions when it comes to truly top-tier keyboards, and while for the most part these kinds of keyboards only come in a wired configuration there are a few news ones taking advantage of mechanical switches to provide a better feel, a better sound, and more improved tactile feedback (particularly important for those that do a considerable amount of typing).


Need a gaming keyboard?


If you are going to be getting your hands on a wireless gaming keyboard, lag is absolutely everything and you need to make sure that the speed of the connection between your keyboard and your computer or device is just as fast as humanly possible.


Any delay between your device and your commands is going to cost you big time when you are gaming in fast-paced titles like many of the best FPS options out there right now, though you might be able to get away with a slightly slower connection if you’re only playing more casual games that don’t require fast twitch responses.


Highlights of the best wireless keyboards available now


Iogear Quietus RF Desktop Keyboard


Easily the quietest of all the wireless keyboards out there, this feature-rich wireless configuration is going to provide you with a full-sized keyboard (complete with 10 digit number pad) as well as 12 customizable hotkeys, track and volume management, sleep mode, and a whole host of other killer features that make it one of the very best wireless keyboards money can buy.


It also uses a single AAA battery that is rated to last a whole year before it has to be replaced.


Microsoft Wireless 900 Desktop Keyboard


Another really solid wireless keyboard from the folks at Microsoft, this particular option isn’t quite as feature-rich as the keyboard that we highlighted above – it only has eight programmable keys versus 12 – but a lot of people find that the key travel and ergonomics of this wireless keyboard make it one of the very best options money can buy today.


Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard


One of the coolest things about this Logitech keyboard is that it can be preconfigured to work with numerous different devices, all by triggering a series of hotkeys on the keyboard itself to determine which device it is currently paired with. It also uses the latest version of Bluetooth technology to connect, allowing you to use it dongle free with Bluetooth enabled devices with lightning fast speed and impressive responsiveness.


Logitech MK850 Performance Keyboard


Perhaps the best of the wireless options out there as far as dedicated to gaming keyboards are concerned, the lag time is ridiculously low on this keyboard, the connectivity is rock solid and stable with the fastest Bluetooth connection locking things down, and the programmability of this keyboard allows you to set up your own macros or your own commands so that you can hit a single keystroke to trigger specific activities in any game.


While the overwhelming majority of people out there familiar with the MP3 audio file format – it’s been the “gold standard” for digital audio players, iPods, smart phones, and more seemingly forever – the truth of the matter is there are literally dozens of other audio formats out there that may or may not be better suited to your specific listening style, depending upon how serious you are about audio quality and sound fidelity.


girl with headphonesJust like some people are serious about listening to all of their favorite music on vinyl and and vinyl alone, never even considering to pop in a CD or listen to a digital download, some serious music junkies are only going to listen to music that is “packaged” in a handful of file formats – usually AAC or FLAC.


Determining which file format you want to have in your own library is never simple or straightforward. MP3 might work for the sake of convenience (and to help you save quite a bit of space on your hard drive and your mobile phone or device), but it isn’t going to be able to provide you with the true fidelity that you might be expecting due to inherent compression.  If you have multiple formats and want to unify them see this post on how to convert various formats in iTunes.


Here are a couple of audio format alternatives you may want to check out:




Both of these file formats are “uncompressed formats”, which means they are identical in every way to the original source audio. Both basically store file information the exact same way, providing for an precise replica of the original digital recording, though they do so in slightly different manners. AIFF is a proprietary file format created by the folks at Apple, whereas WAV is a more “open source” approach to this kind of uncompressed file format.


While they provide you with the same kind of audio quality that the original source audio presents, they are also gigantic file types that will eat up a lot of storage space. If you aren’t editing the source on your computer, these formats may be more cumbersome especially when we’re talking about a large library of music, podcasts or movies.




The Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is far and away the most popular and widespread of all the “lossless” audio file formats, and offers just a bit of compression without crippling the actual audio fidelity of the files themselves. This is after all, a lossless audio file format, which means you are going to get the same quality as the original source but without the gargantuan space commitments you need from the file formats mentioned above.


Apple Lossless


Sometimes described as ALAC, this file format is very similar to the FLAC but isn’t open source the way that that file format is.  In the spirit of stuff created by Apple, the quality is fantastic. ALAC minimizes compression to a fraction of what others produce but it isn’t quite as efficient as the open source version. Completely supported by iTunes and iOS devices, it’s a lot easier to use in a “drag and drop” kind of way compared to FLAC, and if you only use devices in the Apple landscape and Apple environment this is probably the way that you are going to want to go.


So are you convinced to venture out beyond MP3 now? If you’re using any other formats and find them superior to these mentioned please drop a note in the comments!