Projector Lamp Replacement Program

Electrosonic's Projector Lamp Replacement Program is a tailored service for digital planetariums and giant screen cinemas that eliminates the hassle of procuring, purchasing and budgeting for your projector lamps.

We understand the frustration and the logistical challenges that arise when a lamp fails and you are without a replacement. Similarly, we recognize that the procurement of lamps for your digital theater and throughout your wider facility can become a costly and time consuming process.

By listening to our broad range of customers, and drawing on our own extensive experience, we have developed a lamp program that offers theaters a reduced cost of ownership and peace of mind that the quality of the theater display is preserved throughout its life.

We understand that every customer and digital theater system is different, so the program is completely customizable to meet your individual needs.

Program Highlights

Custom Proposal
Based on your budget and needs

Join a Buying Group
Enjoy the benefits of an aggregated purchase volume and even greater cost savings

Extensive Selection
High quality lamps for most projector brands and models

Guaranteed Availability
Have your lamp when you need it. We estimate the number of lamps you need each year and have them ready for you before you even need them

Save Money
Our broad range includes original equipment (OEM) or OEM equivalent Xenon and UHP lamps at up to 50% less than OEM prices

Payment on Receipt
Pay only for your lamp when you receive it

Begins on installation

Set Price and Budget
For as long as the program is in place

Free Recycling Service
Environmentally-friendly disposal of your old lamps