Our Media Controller solution is a highly flexible and configurable media management and theater control system that allows you to control your entire theater from a user-friendly wireless touch-screen interface.

Whether you want to adjust the lighting, modify the acoustics, skip a scene or perform some routine system maintenance, the Global Immersion Media Controller will facilitate any task with ease.

How does it work?
To harmonize the various hardware and software components, we have developed a control system architecture with a modular approach based upon popular and widely adopted hardware. This means that the system is extremely powerful yet cost-effective, easy to program and most of all, supportable.

The essence of our control system is that any device and user interface can be used to control itself and also to send commands to other components of the system. This is done on a peer-to-peer basis so that at any point in time, the appropriate user interface can be used to drive the system.

This core technology is ideal for theater control and is proven in the planetarium environment. We seamlessly tie in playback, real-time content, lighting and audio… and can layer in digital media and video. It fully integrates all electronic media into one seamless delivery system.

Typically, the control units/user interfaces include one touch screen panel (situated at the control desk) and a portable touch screen for roving access throughout the immersive environment. The user interface can be password protected and pre-programmed for a number of authorization levels. This means that multiple users can be granted access with a pre-determined level of control. The system can also control procedures such as security lighting, air conditioning and fire alarms.

The objective of our control solution is to make your system powerful, flexible, smart and helpful.


  • Powerful, easy to use and highly configurable theater automation solution.
  • Effortless management of the entire planetarium
  • Wireless touch-screen interface - highly configurable and ideal for individual skill levels
  • Different Log-ins include: Technician mode, Show operator mode, Lecturer/Guest user mode, Visitor mode, Maintenance/Janitor mode
  • Wide range of different ‘themes including custom programming and branding of the interface around your requirements
  • Full operational training is provided

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