For pastors and church leaders, the topic of growth and advancement is one often visited within their church. They are always looking for new ways to reach not only their current congregation but ways to reach potential members as well. Society has become entirely dependent on technology and its ever-changing advances.

There are some key ways that you can use technology within your church to reach people in various ways.



You can use social media and websites to introduce your church to the community. Society relies heavily on the use of social media to keep them informed of events, news and the overall local area. Making good use of this avenue can undoubtedly draw visitors to your church.


The Overall Guest Experience

Studies have shown that it takes a total of  7 minutes for guests to form an opinion about your church after they enter the campus. You can place your website, social media pages, email and other points of contact all around your church. This will open the door for people to know of ways to contact your facility.  One church embracing new audio-visual tech in a big way is Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, utilizing large-screen presentations and interactive media in their services, coupled with a strong social presence.


Volunteer Sign Up

Technology can be a great resource when it comes to coordinating your volunteers. It will be a much easier way to reach people and coordinate volunteer signs ups. You can also use it as a way to reach out to people that might potentially be interested in signing up to be a volunteer.



Technology can be an excellent way to track attendance of your regular members and visitors as well. You can use a database to store information about first-time visitors so that you can contact them about coming back again.


Enhance Your Service

You can use advanced technology as an integral part of your service. This can include music worship as well as your sermon. It will enhance the overall worship experience for members and guests alike. Technology can also be beneficial when it comes to working with youth members. It is sure to grab their interest and draw them in. You will find that technology will enhance your service when it comes to helping people retain your message as well.


While technological advancements are fantastic and can be of an added benefit to your church, it is essential that you do not let them take the place of good old fashioned conversation. You will find that the older generation is not exactly keen on keeping up with the newest trends in technology and would prefer the old way they are used to. You have to find the happy medium and what works best for your congregation. In any situation, what works best for some may in fact not work at all for others. Take your time in introducing new things to your members and give them time to adjust to it. Before you know it, your church will be growing by leaps and bounds and your building will be full. Whichever avenue you choose to take, the potential to thrive is undoubtedly there.